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Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas
RS326269 PA

Real Estate is an ever changing industry. There are different trends and construction aspects to keep up with. There are also so many things that affect the industry like the economy, interest rates, supply and demand, New Construction vs resale, local job market changes and property taxes. With all of these factors, Realtors are always needing to learn new things and running into new situations during transactions. The level of expertise that a real estate agent can offer is huge. This is really why I love this industry. It never gets stale. With a positive, "can-do" attitude I pride myself on providing the reassurance my clients need, especially when we have a challenging situation. Even the tough times of liquidating real estate because of a death, divorce, or economic hardship I can offer help in salvaging as much equity and/or personal credit as possible even after a notice of foreclosure.  I also stay on top of the current loan programs and often offer ideas that allow for smoother down-sizing or up-sizing from your current home.


The value of a real estate expert is true for you regular home buyer/seller, but even more true for those looking to invest in Real Estate. Now you have all kinds of things to consider like Cap rates, cash on cash returns, and tax implications. There are ROI considerations as well as property condition/rehab evaluation where I can also come along side my clients and offer competent advice.


What ever your real estate need; however great or small, I'd love to hear about it and partner with you in whatever way I can offer value!

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